Biomass to Fuel & Energy | Louisiana, USA – RFU

The company is building a proven high technology zero emission biomass to energy plant in Western Central Louisiana, USA. The operation will convert 800,000 tons of pine pulpwood into an annual production of 68 million gallons of renewable ultra-low sulfur (Effectively zero sulfur) diesel, activated carbon, and fertilizer, and is located in the middle of one of the largest stands of pulpwood available in the US, ensuring a virtual endless supply of feedstock. The company has in place off take agreements with a large petroleum refining group. Logistically the site is adjacent to the Port of Natchitoches, Louisiana and has truck, rail, and barge access and substantial existing unused railyard capacity for the project to access, simplifying outbound shipment of product. This shovel ready project requires $530 million USD CAPEX with projected gross annual revenue of $257 million with an EBITDA of $188 million USD in the first full year of production. The conservative forecast shows that the project could be debt free in seven years. LOI’s for feedstock are in place, and 250 jobs will be filled by local skilled workers.